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Factors affecting the quality and price of embroidery patch


The quality of the product is usually affected by the experience of the production factory. The factory with many years' experience is more advanced in production equipment and technology, the quality of the products produced is more reliable.

High quality embroidery products should be like this.

For influencing the quality of embroidered patchs factors, first of all look smooth, round. Clear. There is no adjusting line, the bottom of the line should be reasonable! Secondly, look at the needle marks, to be beautiful, the joint should be very good. Finally look at the levels, to be able to reflect the sign or the space level of the thing itself, to conform to the spatial structure of things, light and dark changes!

The price of the embroidery patch is related to the materials used, such as embroidery thread, embroidery cloth, etc. It also has something to do with its practice, such as burned-edge embroidered patch, locked-edge embroidered patch, back glue embroidered patch and ungel embroidered patch , the price of multi-color embroidered patch is higher than that of less color embroidered patch.

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