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Guidelines for rhinestone heat transfer ironing process


First, when ironing, check to see if there is any missing material, the material is not placed on the front, the material is damaged, etc. No matter how well processed, these problems are more or less present, so a check can be performed before ironing clothes.

Second, when ironing, the first step is to ensure that the fabric is dust-free and oil-free, and to test the material in advance to verify that the material can be firmly adhered to the fabric to be ironed.

Third, test ironing parameters: different cloth and materials, the corresponding parameters are different, so the ironing diagram ironing clothing before, should be tested ironing temperature, time, pressure and other specific ironing parameters.


Fourth, after ironing,Should wait for cloth and material to cool down, then gently remove the ironing paper, if there is any material falling off, should be ironing again.

Fifth, there are several reasons why the rhinestone can not stick smoothly on clothes: 1. Cloth and materials are falling off when they are kept at high temperature; 2. ironing cloth problems, cloth dust or oil stains caused; 3. no glue at the bottom of the material.

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