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Heat transfer motif creative new products


This product is our company's own design of the new product,is produced through a flexible design concept combined with a variety of materials.This product is made of gold glitter cloth and rhinestuds,it uses blue, yellow, pink 5MM star rhinestuds and 2MM,3MM round rhinestuds, and it is combined with pink glitter cloth. Make up a love figure and form the word love. creative novelty,flexible design,perfect fusion of patterns and letters. A variety of different materials combined, the products made more fashion style, more prominent personality. The overall color of the product is light color, style is more feminine, suitable for children's wear, women's T-shirts and skirts. The material and size of this product can be changed, and other materials can be exchanged according to customer's requirements, such as rhinestones, sequins, flock,laser film, stretch foil, satin, etc.

We can provide customized services, customers can freely choose materials to match into their desired design, and make the product they want.

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