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heat transfer paper label


Now more and more brand clothing use Washing label and heat transfer label products.It replace the traditional woven clothing label, heat transfer label can  make different pattern color, the effect can change,the feature is colorful, soft and smooth when you  touch, and  will not irritate the skin. It is  convenient to transfer to the clothing.. At present, most clothing brands have begun to use hot transfer label., especially in children's wear, underwear, and sportswear. Since then, we can solve the problem that traditional woven label irritate the skin It can achieve a truly seamless effect, comfortable fit, and is ideal for exporting goods of high quality. The method of use is simple and it is only necessary to put the label on the  place you need transfer, and then press it with the ironing machine for several seconds, and the image will be transferred to the fabric. JunHin clothing accessories cite the latest international technology, the latest environmental protection materials, the production of the transfer of paper label, It is used for  in underwear, leisure, sports, children's clothing and other garments .now many clothing brand has established a cooperative relationship with us


The following is our production workshop. Our company has imported 3 full-automatic silk screen printing machines, which can produce about 2000 sheets per day. The size is 39*54CM. All products undergo a rigorous quality test and wash water test.Can pass CPSIA,OKEO-tex test and SGS test.

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