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How to decorate embroidered patches on clothes?


Embroidery patches are more useful as a decoration that can be pasted anywhere in the pants or clothes, so that the clothes look more personality, more beautiful! In fact, the use is very simple, as long as there is an electric iron or needle at home, the specific method:

1.Put the cloth in the position you want to decorate first, with hot melt adhesive on the side of the clothes (glue can not be torn off).

2.Use the iron to adjust the appropriate temperature, Usually the heat pressing time is about 15 seconds.

3.Also according to the thickness of the patches to determine the temperature, thickershould be a higher temperature, longer heat press time.

4.If the patch does not have a hot melt adhesive and cannot be hot pressed with an iron, it should be sewn to the edge of the clothing with a needle and thread, so it will also be stronger.

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