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1. Received ISARATTI artwork

2. According to the artwork design and size drawing, draw the picture and send it to the customer to confirm, the pattern size and positioning can be fine to 0.1mm.

3. According to the customer to confirm the OK artwork open

4. Open a good version of the scan

5. To do a good map hot chart, check drilling, some variegated, chipping and other issues of the drill swap

6. Check pieces, hot press check pieces have holes, stains, miscellaneous thread and other quality problems

7. Cut pieces and scalding Hot drilling quality are OK OK, began to hot pressure, hot press before the first parameters of the test hot, hot OK trial began to produce large goods


8. After hot pressing, check the cut piece to see if there is bad, bad film and other issues

9. OK after the above start packing, shipping.

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